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Bruin Gaming Board 

President Lauren Chen (Tamagu#0150)
Internal Vice President - Albert Lee
External Vice President - Kate Land (Kitkat#2330)
League of Legends
Mikel Rodriguez (Fourcasts#8369)
Nicole Guan (@Piacidium)

Community Leaders

Pranav Charkupalli (Arcain#0717)
Tyler Phung (PigGuy101#8511)
Fighting Games
Godfried Boateng (Kurushii Drive#1174)
Tristan Melton (Tristan#0478)
Alex Trudel (Alex#9125)
Ryan Lamkin (Walouise#5386)

David Sandoval (jrdistigger#8330)
Mario Kart
Ryan Lamkin (Walouise#5386)
David Sandoval (jrdistigger#8330)
Daniel Ko (Kahli#3822)
Kevin Huang (Monko2k)
Alvina Zhang (alvz#0001)
Dota 2
Guilherme Oliveira (godofgui#8534)

Bruin Gaming (aka BruinGG) hopes to create a home away from home for people who enjoy video games and video game culture, as well as open paths for UCLA students aspiring to get into the games industry. We’ve hosted boba socials, visits from developers at Riot Games, and have even thrown rivalry events with USC. Formerly known as ‘Esports @UCLA’, Bruin Gaming was founded in the summer of 2018 by Landon Hsieh, Ashley Denktas, and Sunny Yen.

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