How do I apply for leadership roles?

We are not currently looking for people to fulfill leadership roles at the moment! We will update any available positions on our board over on the Apply page. However, if you would like to receive more up-to-date information on whenever we release new positions, consider joining our Discord server and signing up for our staff mailing list here!

Are there membership fees?

We do not currently have any plans to institute membership fees. All our events are always free to attend and open to the public, with priority given to UCLA students. If there is a demand for it, we may institute membership fees in the future so that we can develop even greater events, giveaway even more amazing prizes, and improve the UCLA gaming experience with perks, discounts, and other exiciting things!

How do I join the competitive UCLA _____ team?

Bruin Gaming is a social gaming club, but we have a close relationship with our partner club UCLA Esports. Click here or in the menu bar to find out more about the first UCLA recognized competitive esports program!

What games do you guys play/support?

We are THE general gaming club on campus. Our goal is to build a community where anyone can come in and find sub-communities that play every game imaginable! That being said, we generally focus on multiplayer games due to their social aspects, and we definitely play a lot of League of Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch, Dota 2, CS:GO, FIFA, Rocket League, and many, many more!

How do I get in touch for partnerships and business activations?

We are happy to take all business & partnership related contacts at!

How do I get involved?

We will be announcing our exciting gaming events over the coming months, and will have everything finalized before the start of each quarter. In the meantime, stay tuned to our social media and join our Discord and mailing list to be notified when we announce our event lineups!